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Mexico Vista Hermosa

Coffee farm in Mexico Vista Hermosa
Mario Santiz López was born in Chiapas, in the San José Buena Vista community. From a very young age his parents taught him how to grow coffee. His love for coffee continued through out the years so he decided to buy his own parcel in Vista Hermosa with two hectares at a 1400 altitude above sea level. The parcel he bought had been severely hit by the coffee rust so he decided to renovate with Sarchimor plants, which can resist this particular plague, as well as being a highly productive variety. With the help of ECC's Por más Café technicians, that offer fertilization plans, advice on how to monitor plagues, as well as, advice on how to plow in curves at level, Mario has learnt sustainable practices and new techniques to guarantee not only a healthy plant but an excellent coffee.


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