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Colombia Finca La Estrella

Coffee farm Costa Rica Finca La Estrella

Neftaly Fajardo Salazar has a farm in Inzá, Cauca, where his farm Finca La Estrella sits on about 3.4 hectares of land. 
The coffee is picked at full maturation by hand, and the cherries are sorted initially by floating them in a tank and removing the ones that bob to the surface, in a process called “balseo". The coffee is fermented in its intact cherry for 18 hours in a hopper, then depulped and open fermented in a cement and ceramic fermentation tank for 36 more hours. The coffee is washed twice and spread in parabolic dryers for 10–18 days.
The heat produced by the parabolic dryers can act similar to a greenhouse, so proper ventilation has to be accounted for to avoid drying the coffee too quickly. Coffee is turned often to achieve uniform drying. Cauca is in central-western Colombia, stretching from the Western Cordillera mountain range to the Pacific Ocean. Ocean winds and elevation result in Cauca being one of the coolest regions of the country.


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