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Costa Rica Finca San Calletano

Coffee farmer at Costa Rica Finca San Calletano
Alto San Juan Micromill is owned by an intrepid young producer named Diego Abarca, who took a plot of land from his family's farm, given to him by his father, and transformed it into a successful business as a coffee producer in his own right. His yields have grown every year, and it has allowed him to attempt more experimentation in addition to having tighter quality control.
While he primarily focuses on Washed coffees in order to streamline his processing, Diego has recently begun experimenting with Honey and Natural processes as well.
Diego owns and operates Finca San Calletano, a beautiful farm on the top of a hillside that is often filled with clouds you can nearly touch. San Calletano is divided into various lots for the sake of crop management and traceability.
>The Red Honey process is a specific process initially developed by Las Lajas. Freshly harvested and sorted cherries are delivered to the mill and promptly depulped. After this, the coffee is transferred to a covered patio where it is turned several times a day until the drying process is complete. The color of the parchment is a direct result of the depth of coffee when dring.


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