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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido

Coffee from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido fermenting in sacks
This Ethiopian Coffee is produced in the region of Gedio, on a 150 hectare farm. It is grown between the altitudes of 1980m and 2100m on red fertile soil. Flowering begins in August, with harvesting starting between November and December.
The cherries are first collected and separated to remove any floaters to ensure only the deep red cherries are used in the next steps of this processing method. Once the cherries have been sorted, they are placed in large plastic bags in which a vacuum is used to remove all the oxygen inside. The time the cherry is spent in fermentation is decided based on the temperature gauge reading. Higher temperatures mean the fermentation time will be short, while cooler temperatures lead to longer time periods. Temperatures remain below 25 degrees Celsius throughout the whole fermentation process.
Typically, the cherries will be fermented for 4-5 days, however this lot was left in the bags for 15 days. This allows for the mucilage to have a longer contact time with the coffee seed and for the flavours of the sweet fruit to impart on the coffee bean. This intensive processing technique results in highly fruity coffees.


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