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Costa Rica Finca Llano Bonito

Costa Rica coffee farm Finca Llano Bonito with the owner
Finca Llano Bonito is owned by Jhonnathan Camacho, a descendant of one of the first coffee growers in the West Valley. His primary occupation is as a doctor, but a passion for coffee has stayed in his family, and he continues to grow on a small farm. Since Jhonnathan is busy with his medical practice, he has partnered with Genesis mill to take care of the processing and drying of his coffees during the harvest, but he still stays close by. He lives nearby to the Mendezes and will visit a few times a week to check on his coffees until they are ready for shipment.

Natural coffees are typically processed the day they are harvested, and are first sorted for ripeness and quality before being rinsed clean of debris. In many places this initial sorting happens via a float tank. Damaged and defective cherries will float to the top to be removed, while high-quality coffee will sink to the bottom to be cleaned and dried. After sorting, cherries are spread on raised drying beds, table, tarps, or patios, where they will be rotated constantly throughout the course of drying. Drying can take an average of 30–40 days, depending on the weather.


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