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Brazil Fazenda Capim Seco

Brazil Fazenda Capim Seco
Sitio Capim Seco is owned and operated by Rafael Dias Pereira, who comes from a long line of coffee producers. His grandparents were among the first coffee producers in the region, and Rafael's mother and aunt own a nearby farm.
Rafael has three passions, family, horses, and specialty coffee. Before he was a coffee producer, he established a horse farm, where he breeds Brazilian Mangalarga Marchadors. He decided to invest some of the profits in coffee, so he bought a small plot of land near his family's coffee lands, and since his first harvest in 2007, he has earned high cup scores for his lots.
Because Sitio Capim Seco is relatively small by Brazilian standards, Rafael uses the equipment and facilities at his mother’s farm to process his coffee. There, he dries his cherry on raised beds or patios, and he produces both Naturals and Pulped Naturals. He has even tried some experimental processes.


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