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Mexico Pompilio Garcia Luna

Mexico Pompilio Garcia Luna
The Garcia Luna family, along with extended family members, deliver impeccably clean parchment. Each producer’s harvest is cupped individually, then blended or separated according to quality. Productivity within the group is relatively high and each farmer has on average 5 hectares, making production of high-quality coffee a more profitable proposition.
Oaxaca is an enigma in many ways but also can produce some of the very best cups in the country. Production here is still overwhelmingly driven by original lines of Bourbon and Typica, including the unique Pluma variety in the southern coastal mountains. With 16 distinct indigenous groups/cultures alone, many of which grow coffee, the region is incredibly diverse from an environmental, climatic, and social perspective. There are so many logistical and cost-of-production challenges here.
The climate and altitude conditions are excellent for specialty coffee, and every year more efforts are made to not just find it, but improve it, and of course to then protect it from dangers like leaf rust.


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