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Colombia Maria Cenaida Flor

Colombia Maria Cenaida Flor
Maria Cenaida Flor has been producing coffee for 15 years and she considers it a family enterprise.
Her farm La Esperanza is located in the municipality of Totoro in Cauca and has 4 hectares planted with coffee and various other fruit trees. The coffee is picked ripe when the cherries turn purple, then they are fermented for 72 hours in airtight containers. After this they are de-pulped and sun-dried for 15-18 days with the
mucilage still on.
This past harvest in Cauca (June–August/September 2020) has been somewhat a ‘perfect storm’ in terms of the strains that COVID-19 has put on producers and small, specialty exporters.
Nearly all coffee pickers typically move from one region to another, following the harvest. Last summer, with the lockdown in place, these restrictions meant that producers had to pick their own coffee, or find family and friends to help. This wasn’t helped by the internal pricing in Colombia being really high in the first half of 2020. The dollar was really strong, and the peso was really weak, which meant that pickers were picking coffee as fast as they could and taking it down to sell it.


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